This is my work

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An “Excellent” way to simplify your Supply Chain Management - from order creation and handling to delivery and invoicing.

This is my work
This is my work

Excellent is a cloud based system that simplifies your business process, allowing your sales, accounting and logistics teams to function together smoothly.

Let us handle your supply chain for you, so that you can concentrate on making your customers happy. Take purchase orders from your clients directly from the app. Generate Sales Leads. Connect the app to your inventory and accounting software (or use the one that comes with the app). Fulfil each order and update it on the app. Support partial order completion. Manage delivery and invoicing, and create repeat orders easily. Track your On-Field Employees, and get daily reports of their activity. Save all your data in a secure server located on the cloud. Generate monthly reports. Pre-plan your inventory, streamline your business processes, increase profits.

Built in India, for India
From order creation to delivery
Because everyone in India uses them, including us!
Import from Tally and Excel
No more, "dekha padega ki stock mein hai kya". If its available, your sales team knows it on their phone.
Monitor Stocks

Track salespersons
Introduce transparency in the delivery process. Everyone gets notified when a (partial) shipment happens.
Get Notified
Because just ssl certificates are just not enough, security is a science we preach. Oh, we take daily backups of the entire database.
Secure and reliable
Create orders by attaching recordings of phone calls, or even taking a photo of that borrowed paper and pen
Order creation,
in less than
30 seconds
Because, a smile on your face brings a smile on ours. Our representatives are available 24x7 for support.
Top-notch Customer Support
Dont invest lakhs on a software, our pricing starts at hundreds.
Pay as you grow
Need small tweaks to match your existing system, we will do it quick!
Your employee does not need a 24x7 internet connection.
Works Offline

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Excellent is a product of Codezin Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - an award winning (NASSCOM member) web and mobile solutions company in Kolkata.

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